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Welcome to Free Diploma Templates

Tired of looking for free High School Diploma templates and free College Degree templates to Download? Can you only find websites that want you to pay for them? Well your look is over! Here we have created these realistic Diplomas and Degrees for your fun and pleasure. They can also be used for a Free Home School Diploma. We have Microsoft Word Templates and Adobe Photoshop templates. If you do not have Photoshop or Word you can use www.splashup.com to edit the Photoshop template.

These Free Diploma Templates and Free Degree Templates were made to look as real as any accredited University because that is what we used to make them! Play a gag on your parents and tell them you have been secretly going to school for a degree and when they say "yeah right!" show them.


Diploma Sample

This site was created after searching for free diploma templates and free degree templates and finding none that were free or realistic.


This Site Was Last updated : November 2012

The templates and graphics offered on this web site were created by us stricly for entertainment purposes. We claim no responsibility for any use or misuse of the content of this web site. These Degree templates are fake and not issued by any college or university. Please do not use these degree and diploma templates for anything other than your own entertainment.